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Monday, May 11, 2015

Police Week 2015

EOW 5-16-1961
Every year on or about the 15th of May, we remember the fallen Police/ Peace officers. In 1962 the President of the United States, J. F. Kennedy sign a  proclamation that this day would be set aside to honor the fallen officers who gave their lives in service  in Law Enforcement. Today we refer to it as The National Peace Officers' Memorial Week. We set aside time in the week to remember and honor the fallen. In DC there are week long activities to help the children and families of the fallen both current and pass years

It is hard to do this in just one week. So through the year there are camps and other support group to assist in the coping of the loss. As an Survivor I can tell you how hard it is. As only a child of 7 when he was taken, I never thought about it. But once I was older and realize that he never saw my brother born, or saw us graduate from school, college, get married and see the great grandchildren born. It became clear how the sudden death by a criminal hand affect the family left behind.

I am grateful for the COPS and American Police Hall of Fame and Museum. Though them I have been able to be involved in activities and deal with the lost of love ones.

 My Mother was very involved in the FOP Aux and well as the Concerns of Police Survivors. She was in at the beginning of the COPS. Setting up chapters and assisting the fallen families in the Court and at home. I miss her in so many ways. However she prepared me to be a survivor and for that I am grateful.

Less we forget them so they did not die in vine but in service to their towns, states, counties  and country. In this day of unrest for the Police departments. Their jobs are get harder and harder to do. The Law seems to be for the criminal more than the people hurt or killed. Police/Peace Officers jobs are in jeopardy. However we still have dedicated  People who continue to service our Villages ,Towns and States. We will always remember the ones who gave their lives to Protect our Freedoms. Thank you for your service and In remembrance of the officers families.... We will always be there for the sacrifice  of your family.

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