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Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday News- Family Holiday time

We got to see the Critter and Family yesterday. It is so great to see them. The last time we were together was Thanksgiving. Critter stated he wanted to Craving knife. The kind one uses for whittling. He also wanted a real tool kit. Guess the little boy is growing up. Can you believe he is almost nine! Oh how fast they grow up. Alex just wants a tree and  Disney buttons. So I will put up a tree in the condo for her. She was so happy about that. Love these little ones!

As many of you all know this year we are sharing our Hoilday time in Disney. Really looking forward to this time together. It will be the first time we are doing this kind of Destination Holiday. With my daughter in college and my Dad wanting to be alone at this time of the year. We decided now would be a great time for a change in how we celebrate the seasons. As many of the older followers know. My Mother passed away after this holiday. Actually  she was dieing just before Christmas, how ever the Cancer center was able to bring her back. We had a rough and sad time that holiday season. Not long after that Christmas day she died. Therefore this is a hard season for the Whole family, me especially.  Hoping this Destination holiday with the kids, Critter and Alex and my daughter will bring back the child in me. That part has been hard to get back to since Moms death.  Christmas was her favorite season. She had a special relationship with Santa. All my focus is on this  up coming trip and fun with the family in Disney. Disney seems to know how to bring the child out in all of us.

 I spent a week at Dad's. My 95 year old grandmother ( mothers side) and her husband are moving to Arizona. So we said our farewells to them as they drove off into the sun. It will take them a while to get there. Granny can not drive due to her going blind and age problem. But that did not come from me, she would deny  the getting old age problems. We will miss seeing them regularly.

Was able to see my Uncle (my Moms brother), He loss his wife to cancer in October. It was nice to see him. He has retired from two law enforcement agencies and now is working still in law enforcement with another organization.  I think continuing to work help with the loss. He also has his kids and their families close by.

This is the First Chanukah season apart for us. I sent a package to my daughter so she could still enjoy the season. We will be celebrating the last night at home together and yes with all the trimming. Lighting the candles, Latkes, jelly doughnuts, music, singing and dancing.  Traditions are  hard to keep going when we are apart. However I guess learning new ways to share together is a must.   She calls each night every time she opens the gift. So in one way we are still enjoying it together. Maybe we can skype tonight. Love the new technology!

How was your weekend? Are you planning anything special for the holidays, different or the same?

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