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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday News.Festive Time

We enjoyed a Festive time this past week. Going back to Wednesday with the trip to Dads home. The drive was quite nice. Traffic was down so we made great time. Getting there for breakfast. It is also nice to see and visit Dad. We live over 250 miles apart so, it isn't a daily thing. Mom has been gone for about four years now. I really miss her. So, I try to see Dad as much as I can.

This year for Thanksgiving ,we decided to go out to a Banquet. We went to the Oceanfront Hilton, In Virginia Beach. It was very nice. Live music and traditional food. Dad, My Baby Brother( now 50!) joined us. After the banquet we took a walk on the boardwalk. I loved the fire pits at the hotel. the weather temp was around the lower 60's.

We went back to the house and visited with my brother a while. Later we played Monopoly, dad won!

On Friday Hubby and Daughter went out to do some Black friday shopping. As for me I will not do that. Dad and I worked on putting his New Telly in place and setting it up to the sound system. that took all day. I cooked a turkey dinner, using a small turkey breast roll. Had made a pumpkin pie on Thursday. We enjoyed a meal and then watched some TV.

Saturday was a lazy day for some of the family. As for me....I made breakfast, a turkey and swiss quiche . Did some cleaning for Dad. Cleared out the Freezer from the last years meals. Washed the freezer and now Dad is set for a while. Daughter and I went to the Lynhaven Mall, got to see santa dancing to a light display. I really liked that. Then he jingled his bells and wished every one a Merry Christmas. Later that night we headed out to Christmas Town, in Williamsburg. I really love that display, it gets me in the Holiday mood. Here is a Blue Monday photo post of one of the lights attractions.

We walk through villages all decorated with lights, Holiday music playing and the smells of the holidays. Each town has the theme and countries tones and feelings. It was even snowing in the North pole and french section! This was the second year for this event. I hope they keep doing it for this could become a tradition for us.

Now it is time for holiday decoration in our home. I am planning a Holiday party so, that means decorating the yard and home.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything Special with the Family?

Sunday we headed back to Maryland . Traffic was good we made it in old record time!

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  1. Ooo, what a beautiful blue you found in Williamsburg! Thanks for sharing.

    It's good that you made an effort to be with your Dad. (I miss my mom too.)

    Happy Blue Monday, E!

  2. Looks nice the Holiday decoration, makes me think that I have to do that too !

  3. Oh my that slide looks festive and that fire pit that I need here in Michigan hehe.

    Advent Tablesetting

  4. How beautiful! Visiting from Blue Monday.

    Thanksgiving Blues, have a great week.

  5. what a beautiful place to be..

    Visiting for BM! Hope you can visit me too:)



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