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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday's News- Updates and a favorite drink...

Well my Hubby has been on two blood thinners since last Wednesday. He had two Pulmonary Blood clots in one of his lungs. The doctors are trying to thin the blood to prevent other clots from forming. Today he went to the hospital for test and the blood is still not thinning. So , we will have to continue the Lovenox shots in his belly. He will have to stay on the thinners for 6 months. We were hoping the shots would stop today, not the case at least one more week. we still do not know if he has any more clots in his abdomen. the test are not back. Still waiting for the Cancer screening test to come back. Will have to get a second opinion though.

We really did not do much over the weekend. Went out to a few stores for food and lighting. I replace the lights over the kitchen sink and counters. I like the newer ones. It allows the upper cabinets to be lit.

On Sunday we went to church and met up with family. Hubby had made an appointment to get my car detailed and cleaned. We went out to eat at a upscale restaurant. Then we walked around the upscale Mall. Everything from Shoes to scarfs was over 100 dollars,. I like a pair of boots, they were only 1,765.99, that right over seventeen hundred dollars. Hubby saw a jacket he liked.. the price...1,249.99. Then he eyed another it was only 700.00. He said well what a good deal only half the price as the first one, we laughed. Needless to say we just browsed.

I have been liking the Pumpkin spice lattes. However they are expensive, so I only have one on Sundays. While at the mall I stopped into my favorite store, Williams Sonoma. They had the syrup for the pumpkin spice lattes, I pick up two of them, now I can make my own at home for a fraction of the cost. I have enjoy a couple already.
I think it was a very busy day for hubby. He came home and went to sleep. Even my daughter rested a bit.

How did you long weekend go?

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