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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WW-Summer items....

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(you can click on photos to enlarge)

One of Our Poolside Frog.
See and read more of it at Auntie E's yard and Garden.

A new kitchen gadget...
An automatic Ice cream maker
Homemade Ice cream

Homemade ice cream in less then 20 minutes.
Mint chocolate chip....

Learn more at Auntie E's Kitchen


  1. The ice cream looks yummy! Happy WW!

  2. Bet the frog thinks the pool is all his! ;) And that ice cream looks delicious! :)

    WW: Fun With Nigel

  3. We bought one of these and love it! While ice cream is never super healthy at least you know what you are putting in it.

  4. Don't think I've ever seen a frog that looks like that. Mmmmm, ice cream!
    Here's My WW


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