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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's News-A Busy Month.

Well we have been off and running. August seems to be our busy traveling month. With family has had surgery's and the family needing our help, we have been running since the first of the month. Here it is the middle and we are still not done running.

On the first of the month we were notified that my hubby's older brother had to have surgery to remove a foot. Between his daughter(who lives in Wisconsin) and us, we are the closes and the ones able to be with him. Last week he was moved to rehab, after having 3 Surgeries.

We had to head down to the Outerbanks and Wilmington N.C. to see another older sister. Tried to get some site seeing in on our way. Visiting my 94 years old childhood home. She lived in Ocracoke, NC in the 1920s. It was very interesting to see the area. After seeing that we spoke with my granny and she told us the story again. Will have to write it down in the Family Story Blog.

In Wilmington got to do a small tour of the old town. then meet with his sister. She is doing okay, still having some bone problems. Hips and knees. It seems that most of the family has had to have replacements and it is looking like she will be in the line.

Myrtle Beach was a first visit for us. Broadway on the beach was the only place we got to.There were storms and a water spout that touch the land in Wilmington. So our trip there was limited. We decided to go back sometime with in the year.

Headed back to Virginia Beach to see Dad, on our way back home. Was able to see my Niece and her daughter. I haven't seen my niece since 2008 and this was the first time seeing her daughter. I watched her while dad took my Niece to an appointment. Cora, my G-Niece is so cute she is two years old.

The Dismal Swamp is on fire and the smoke and smell is bad. There were times the smoke was so thick that it made it hard to breathe. The smell is strong also. It has been on fire for months and does not look like it is going out any time soon. Man is unable to put it out, Nature is the only one that can.

Now when we got back home, there was a neighbors tree that a storm took down in our backyard. It landed across our yard and with caught by one of our trees and our fence post. It is to be taken down sometime this week.

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