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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fridays question? Vacation Spot?

This year we are planning to go to North Caroline for a August Vacation. I want to visit Kittty Hawk on the Outerbanks. I went there as a child and remember some of it. My Grandmother lived and grew up in the outerbanks of NC.

There are many places I enjoyed going to for vacations. to name a few;
Florida- Disney World
Bahamas on a Cruise ship
Los Vegas. Nevada.
Grand Canyon.
The South seas, Phuket Island.

Here's your question:

What are your favorite places to go on Vacation?


  1. Well, it use to be Orlando, Florida at the Universal Studios, but I don't get around like I use too. Now, I want to go see other places I've never seen. Have a great weekend. I'd love to go see Hawaii.

  2. Anywhere my family is - I grew up in the Seattle area and miss the easy access to mountains or ocean. ;) But my all-time favorite? Punta Cana in the Caribbean - the hubby and I have been talking about it being time to go back there again. :)

    Aloha: Family Movie Night


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