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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's News- A long weekend update

My weekend started on Thursday. Now that is a strange thing to write. Well you see it all started when My daughter was to not feel well. So on Wednesday afternoon after school, I took her to the doctors again. They could not find a known reason for her illness. She had some swollen glands. They took some test to rule out some things. So, while we wait for the results,she will have to rest.

Thursday she had a half day of school. Due to her illness she did not go. This is not normal for her. Friday there was no school, a day for her to rest up. We stayed home, trying to get her to rest. The weather was great in the 70's and so the outdoors was calling. Promised her we would go to the mall on Saturday. Hoping she would be feeling better and wishing this is only a Winter virus.

Saturday as I promised her, we went to the mall. We really wasn't there long when she told us she wanted to go home. Just not feeling good. So we went back home. The weather was still Spring like. She has been bummed out that she could not enjoy this so called heat wave. We sat around and watch some TV.

Sunday she still wasn't feeling great. We stayed home. Later that day we went out to eat . She still wasn't feeling good. Ate a little and brought the rest home. We watched this Ice Truckers show. A very interesting series, the family enjoyed watching it.

Monday, School was still out, due to President Day. Hubby and I went back to the Mall. I had purchase a couple things on Saturday that I had to return. Then Hubby and I went to see "Unknown." . What a great Flick. Be looking for my review on Auntie E's Reviews site. Our daughter went to a friends house. However she still wasn't feel well so we picked her up and brought her home. The doctors office called and told me the tests were negative. I spoke with the doctor later that evening. We decided to take her in later on Tuesday to get blood drawn for more test.

So here we are Tuesday, No school, due to the snow storm. Will be calling the doctors office. They do not open until the afternoon. She really lucks out due to most of the days during her illness there has been no school to miss. Today the sun is out and melting the snow. Trucks have been down our road plowing and it looks good for the trip to the doctors office.

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