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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Questions- Serious or Humor?

Some days I feel like a serious show watcher. Something like a Murder mystery or a True story. Then there are days I just want to laugh. That is the two sides of me.
Really do not know why I am like that. Married a funny guy, who loves to joke. At times I just can not handle the joking. But then again I find myself using his type of humor! What has gotten into me, Is it the 33 years together and now I am him!?
Oh well The Two will become one at some point.

So Today I am in the humor mode. I really have been there for sometime now. I guess it is because I am looking for the happy part of life. Trying to not be so serious in everything. It can be a downer to some folks. Trying to be more laid-back in my attitude.

So, shows like "Raymond" and "According to Jim" makes me laugh at family life. How funny things can look at times. I even love to watch The Defenders. Jim Belushi is so funny that it make this Lawyer show humorous as well as serious. Now I like the two( Serious and Humor) together. I think a good balance of the two is great to have.

So my Friday Question for you is.....

What is your fancy...Humor or Serious? Can you tell me why you like the one you choose?

Part of Aloha Friday Meme.
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  1. I like a combination of both - but lean more towards humor more often than not, because laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you! ;)

    Aloha: Relax

  2. I'm personally a more serious person, but I think a combination of both is best.

  3. I agree - a combination of both, there are just some days I don't want anything to do with humor and there are some days I want nothing to do with being serious.

  4. I definitely need a healthy mix of both!

  5. I'm a humor person.

    Have a great day!

  6. I aim at the balance of serious and humor. And knowing when to be serious or funny at the appropriate time, at the appropriate place, at the appropriate circumstance, especially with the appropriate people.

  7. I lean more toward the humor side. But for everything there is a season.

    It says the two shall become one flesh. One mind is optional . . . :)

  8. For the most part I prefer serious. Comedy only when I feel the need.

  9. I like humor -- I need escapism!

  10. It all depends on the circumstances. So I'd say both.

    I prefer a joyful state though.


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