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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oldies but Goodies-Days Gone By

This meme is hosted by Tim at Fort Thompson. Each week we look at our older post and re-post one that we think is a keeper. However for this week Tim thought he would post some photo of Days Gone By. I though I would join him and give you a scrapbook look at My Days of Old.
Memory Lane.
My older brother and me, I think this was around 1955. My older brother really loved me and he consider himself my protector.
Above photo, Yes my 4th birthday. I know from the hat. See the cake I really loved it! One brother very excited about the cake and one about the present. It was probably from him.

Photo Below: Christmas time 1957 Older Brother and I with Mom. Oh yeah there's that look of surprise! I just wish I knew why. I really cherish this photo. It comes out every Christmas. We were living in Virginia at this time.

Another brother added to the picture. This one likes to tease me a lot. He was very competitive and still is. Remember the Bowling post on my Living Healthy site? This is him, the little one! I believe we were living in Ohio during this time around summer 1960.

I was 6 years old here. This was a school photo. First grade, before I got my hair cut in the previous photo.

Remember the post about the Family's trip out west in the late 1960. Here I am diving in the pool at Las Vegas. Yes here is when I got way too much sun. My brothers on the side of the pool hanging on and watching.
Another brother added to our photo. This is of my family taken 1968 in New York.
This now complete the family. All six of us.

1971 Graduation Party in New York. I was 16 and feeling great. College bound, Remember that post? Yes I did advance 2 grades. So Young yet I thought old enough to be on my own! What did I know I was only a teen.
Oh yeah my Army years. Time 1974 at Basic training. Boy was I crazy. Short hair because it could not be on the collar. Can't remember what the pose was for, but that was my crazy side.
Now that complete my photo album down Memory Lane. Mom is the only one not here today and I miss her greatly. My brothers still like to tease me and my Dad is now full of wisdom, which I might add I love to listen to. I'm still a little....okay a lot crazy, but I really enjoyed my early years.

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  1. Oh these are just priceless! I just loved each and every one!

    Thanks for playing along! I hope you will continue to do so as I really enjoyed your post here. Im also following now. I thought I was before but I guess not.

    I have always wanted to tell you that the little blonde boy in the sidebar looks just as I did when I was that age. You might see it a little from the 2 yr old pics, but if you saw some of me more his age youd think hes my twin.

    Love and Prayers,


  2. Great photos. It's nice to look at old photos and remember the events taking place in them. I love the 4th birthday one.

    Have a great night. :)

  3. I love old pictures, what a great post.

  4. Beautiful! LOve the one with the pool!

  5. Loved the photos thanks for sharing your past and family. I have only 1 baby picture of myself and 1 when my Mother died at 7 everything else got burned in our old house.

  6. cute...cute..pictures bring back some of the fondest memories

  7. I love old pictures!
    I have spent the day scanning pictures into the computer from 1978 till 1989. The memories are so much fun!!

  8. Fun Fun Fun. I too love old photo's. I think the one of the 3 of you in my Ohio is my favorite here in this group. I remember the college found post.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Forgot to ask...blog hop? I'm not up to speed on that, can you fill me in?


  10. nice pics. i like to look back on old memories

  11. hi, from Granpa don


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