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Monday, August 3, 2009

It's All at the Mall!

On our Go West My Friend trip our Mystery stop was Up North. Yes the Go West trip ended in the Northern most part of the U.S.A.. I have to say I really liked Minnesota . Love the way they talked, it took me days to lose the accent, Don't cha know. I picked up a new phrase..Ubetcha... Yes I could live there for sure. Just to think they have the largest Mall in America! and I love to shop!!!
So, while we were shopping at the Mall of America we found an Aquarium, Amusement park, Night Clubs, a Wedding Chapel, theaters, heck QVC was there and I ordered on a direct line to be delivered at my home( trying to lighten the suitcases) and they are in the process of building a Hotel and Water park in the mall. Now I tell you , one could just vacation in that Mall. Something for the whole family. A Mother's Paradise indeed.
I thought today I would share with you the videos from the Aquarium. It is a 300 foot glass underground tunnel, and it was Awesome.

1.This is of the Tunnel. There was a moving floor as a well as you could just walk though on a regular floor. We were surrounded by the sea life. This is a 3minute video. I got carried away.

The next ones are short.
2.When I was little we use to buy the seahorse kits, Do some of you remember those? I was so surprised when I saw the Sea Horses, just had to do a video. Wanted you to know I really saw a lot of them. I loved them as a child and will say the thrill is still with me.

3. Have you ever seen a shark pod? The egg that sharks grow in. Here is is.

4.Finally this is a coral reef, one day I will go the Australia and see the real thing but, for now the Video.

Some stills to enjoy, Click on them for a larger view.

So, I say let's all repack our bags and go back! We all can meet and do the Mall thing. Oh yeah We will need a week for sure. I didn't even get to go to all 520 stores. We only ate at 2 of the 50 restaurants,and the Night clubs, well let's say we were too tired to go! We were there for 4 days. No Sales Tax for Clothing or Shoes, now that's my kind of shopping!


  1. A couple of my favorite people are from Minnesota. That mall certainly seems like a wild place to visit...

  2. Nice aquarium shots I like Mr Seahorse he looks great.


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