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Monday, July 27, 2009

A little about -At Home with Auntie E

I became an Aunt in 1978 my older brother had a baby boy. I went to spend some time with them just before the birth and during the birth. That little boy did not make it to his first birthday. I was very sadden at this event. My husband and I tried to have a child but I was never able to carry to full term. In 1982 my middle brother had a baby girl. Then in 1984 my baby brother had a baby girl. After that there were four more boys and one more girl born into my family clan. All the children called my Aunt E. Now in 2004 one of the girls had a baby boy and that made me a Great Aunt. That little boy, I call Critter , calls me Auntie E. I am not ready to be called Great Aunt E yet, so this names suits me fine.
I started writing this Blog during the time I was with Critter. He loved to visit me at my home. My Mother had just passed away and I was feeling low. So I originally named the blog "2 Good 2 Bee". It represented the way I was feeling about life. I blogged about my life with out Mom, and most of the time things I would of talked to Mom about. Eventually the blog changed, I was starting to talking about Critter , his visits and time sent with him. That made me rethink the Blogs' name, I changed it to" At Home with Auntie E" at that point. Life Goes on after loss.
At this point I have Posted 108 articles on this blog. It has really help me in dealing with the death of Mom as well as viewing new life in the Children eyes. Life is good, I hope to have many more things to share from my home.
I was on vacation when I published the 100th Post. So, I thought I would introduce the blog to many of my followers. This blog have evolved into Publishing life as I see it, traveling through life with my eyes wide open so not to miss out on the happiest moments. From my Home to your I wish you all many more years to blog and surf others.


  1. Beautifully said, I relate. My Sandy's Space blog began with the Title Crocheting and Caring Cause I can...thus the strange url when you visit it. It was all my knitting and crocheting; but then through the groups I belong to, sorta felt like I was often duplicating pics and so changed the name to Sandy's Space which covers a wide variety of topics, much like your blog. However, I've not been able to change my url...

    Then when my mother became so ill and spent such a long time in the hospital I blogged lots about it, followed by her death. I understand what you mean, writing about it helps. Most Monday's now I blog about a Memory, I call them Memory Monday's.

    I agree...Great Aunt E, makes you sound too old. Aunt E is a grand name.


  2. Congratulations on posting over 100!

  3. I really enjoyed reading how your blog came about! I am a new reader. Hope you have a fantastic day.

  4. Nice to be back reading the blogs I love, can't stay long though today I'm trying to catch up....Jude

  5. Thank you for the introduction.

    Writing often helps us through those darkest moments.

    I enjoy visiting here and reading your updates.


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