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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blogging back time--The Fourth Memories

It's Thursday, time for If I could Blog back time. I really like this Meme because it makes me dig back in my old memories. In this Fast paced time it is so easy to forget the past. To not allow myself the luxury of dementia ,which is nice when you have teens, I need to keep the mind filled and working. SO, WHY DON'T YOU JOIN IN? Go over to THE DINER and Sign in.
Today's topic: 4th of July Memories.
I always remember as a kid going to Fireworks and Parades. Yes we would take our Lawn chairs and claim a spot the the parades. Can't remember when we stop going to the parades, but we did stop at one point.
As a young adult I went to the fireworks. Some were set to music and some just were a ah of it. One year My parent took me to a firework display in Norfolk Virginia. The Boston Pops played Live to the firework displayed. I was so impressed, ever since that time all I want to see are one set to music.
A part of me really like the old fashion picnic and fireworks community celebrations, Must be something on my Psyche. A few years back i went to a fourth celebration of Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg Virginia. it was complete with All the foods and old fashion games. However it was missing something. Give me the Music and Food and Activities (Three legged races, wheel barrel races, croquet, and house shoes) that is my heart desire for a true fourth celebration.


  1. I love fireworks set to music. My favorite of all is the Wishes display in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World. It is spectacular!

  2. We used to go to our dear friends' lakehouse every 4th of July. Those are some of my very best childhood memories.

  3. I'm not a big fan of fireworks or parades, but I go because my family likes them. After about 5 minutes of mocking the ooohs and ahhhs I'm done. Lol!

    Great post! Thank you for participating.


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