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Monday, September 25, 2017

So fed up with our Football Teams!

I do not get it! what is wrong with these folks. Football and Apple pie/ American traditions. No place for politics voicing, like previous point. What if folks just stopped buying apples to make pies? Who Is that really hurting( the growers)! I agree that The Fields are no place for protest. and besides it is not our flag that is the problem. One Man does no own the flag, it is our nation Icon.. A Representative of our of our 50 states, not just a man in office , He changes every 4 year. If the players do not like America, then move out. They will quickly learn, how great we are even with our Political differences. I am so fed up with all this stuff. I really think the Coaches and Managers should put a stop to it. Love how the other team just did not go out on the field during that time. But wish they would have gone and stood up for our country and Flag. What a statement that would have made. I served in the military ( Vietnam era) and I am proud of our flag and colors. Serving in the military gives one a different view of America and a better appreciation of our Country and Freedoms.

 Fed up with the NFL leaders , not stopping this Political voicing on the fields. My family is now having nothing to do with the NFL and if the other sports start it we will not have anything to do with them either. Time to get the Games back to just Games!

Political change can be made through your Senators and Congressman. Voice your opinions to them. They are the ones that can change things. Not a President, who can not speak in a more tactical way. Presidents have their own way of talking. Although we would like a perfect one, That is no possible. There will always be something they said are do they rubs folks wrong. Just think of the things you do that break up friendships or marriages  or  separate Family. I am sure you just do no t get it sometimes, how folks react to something that is said. Even if there is some truth in it, how it comes out can be harsh. 

It is not just the disrespect of the flag, or how many souls where damaged or lost for freedom. It is the  Tradition of our 200 years of Freedom that is represented. Each country has their flags that represent their country. Ask them what it represents.  

Baseball, Football and Apple Pie are all American traditions. A part of what brings all of us together for a short time to enjoy each other.  all fighting, or Political preferences set aside. Just to enjoy the games and take us away from the problems and trials of life. I hope we can get back to the  enjoyment of the game.

Monday, March 13, 2017


                                                             Heather and Lydia
                                                                   Alex and Lydia
                                                             Critter and Lydia
                                                                  Me and Lydia

These are the photos of my Daughter and her long time friends and family. Each one is  going to be in her wedding. From the Maid of Honor,  Bridesmaid and Groomsman.  It is hard to  believe she just had her 23rd Birthday and is getting married in a few months!

They grow up so Fast! sometimes I long for that time when she sat on my lap and I read books to her. Now that she is all grown up, graduated from college with her bachelors, starting her own married life and working in her field of study. Plus she is continuing on for her Masters. My how time flies by!!

This weekend we celebrated her birthday. Her fiance was with us and we had one of her favorite meals, Lemon Chicken and Rice. Plus I made a German Blackforest Pound Cake. We had a good time. Talking wedding stuff  and planning some things. I am looking forward to more wonderful times with her.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Fears: Hard Times

 So, one comes to a point in their life when a whisper in a ear can change everything!  My life has really been a whirlwind these pass  eight years. Loosing my Mother had been very hard. I still miss her so much. At times I hear her whispering in my ear. It has really affected my life.
A Few years ago we noticed that Dad had not been keep up with important things. That started to put in motion some changes in our lifestyle. Making trip to Dads and handling things for him. Then Two years ago thing started to get worst. He was having Mini Strokes, TIAs. It was causing more problems with his thought pattern. Last year he had a Major stroke. Now he can not live by himself. Not because he can not walk or dress himself or talk or doing normal everyday things. It was because he could not remember to take his insulin and daily meds. He could not remember things. He would watch a TV show over and over because he could not remember he saw it. Could not remember to get up, what time or day it is. So, now he lives with us. We are maintaining two houses and still traveling a lot.
Life has changed so much in the past 4 years. Daughter went off to college. We had a empty nest time. In that time we traveled and enjoyed the Great America! Daughter Graduated and we moved her back to our area. She started a New Job, and Is getting Married next May. So Now the Fun begins again. Planning the Wedding !
Next thing that happened is we found out a sibling has ALS. Now things get Hard again. The up and downs of the family members coping with this news. It has been hard on Everyone, and rightly so! However, it has really been hard on my baby brother. He has a soft heart and everything affect him deeply. I so feel for him. My Father doesn't remember most of the time that his son has this. When He does he doesn't comprehend it. So, we deal with that part of it. We remind he every time we visit. that is so Dad would want to visit him. Otherwise Dad would just love staying home all the time.
In the past eight years, we have had  seven  children born, three marriages, three deaths and four major Family events.  These have been Hard Times.
 This is my Birthday Month. Not only is it that time, I also come of age for making those important life changing decision! I really want to Drive Real,Real Slow...... Want to slow down here and turn back the hands of time. Not ready to make this step in life. So Why is it that we need to? Do not feel like I am there. Still feel like my 40's. I would Say 20's but I do not feel that good!
Recently our Daughter started selling LuLaRoe clothing. This make me smile cause, Don't tell them ( I am whispering in your ear here), these are the clothing I wore in my Teens and Twenties! Yes I have gotten back on the Bandwagon.  Wearing these again and feeling great! Loosing Weight and get more fit. Maybe it has to do this these remarkable clothes. Whatever the reason, it does change ones attitude on life. Let's get out and start doing things again! Yeah it's my Birthday month but I am getting younger by the minute!
The times are hard now because Love ones are gone and the ones remaining are in pain and dealing with life altering things. I am just trying to stay happy and enjoying life as it is now.  My emotions might get tough some times, but we need to enjoy our time here on earth. When folks are gone that dreaded phrase " I only wish......" need not come up. Only the wonderful memories we had. That is why I will stay happy and plan vacations and buy Clothes!!