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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday's News: Life in the Fast Lane


Ever think of how fast life speeds by? It seems to goes by faster than we think. I remember when our Daughter was small and all the family got along. Now the daughter is finishing college, Hubby is approaching retirement age and I am.... well still feeling young. Have been  going through stuff , downsizing a bit. Most of the things  have remind me of the earlier years. When Hubby was in stationed in Korea, the first day we held a baby girl in our arms. Even as far back as when the nieces and nephews were babies. All those memories such great ones.

Now the Nieces and nephew have Babies of theirs own. Hubby is retired from the Service and Daughter is almost on her own, starting her own career. My Mother is in Heaven and my Dad is living with us. Life has moved into a different century.

 I am more aware of How things where and how they have come full circle. We think that our folks where just old fashion and didn't understand us in our earlier years. Now we sit back and realize we are them now!. I laugh at that now, seeing the humour in life.

Even in the TV shows now. We find ourselves liking the old things as well as some of the new tech stuff.  However thinking back I always like the futuristic things, that would make me more interesting in the Tech stuff in this century. Still waiting on those Flying cars, or the ability to Orb,  beam to somewhere or travel through time. Yeah I know only one out of those can happen.  There is still hope though.

When we came back to the reality it is clear life has been fast. In the last thirty year we can now.... Talk on phones not attached to wall but to our hips......see folks through the air on our computers not attached to an outlet. Even take photos and send them immediately through the air to another person far away ( no more having to wait a week to develop).

 Our Cars do not need keys to start anymore. A button can start it warm it and it can even drive its self. Everything we thought as kids was SyFy has come to our life. Even these post can be seem by folks around the world!! We can learn languages in our home or have our phone translated for us. So many things in such a short time.

 This is how life travels in the fast lane... We need to cherrish this time, this time is will be gone before we know it. Just remember we need to keep up with the changes so we do not get left behind. Memories are good but the future is the key to Happiness and Sucess in Life. Hop on the fast lane and lets go.

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