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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Tell All.--- October Time at the home.

October has always been our German Month. We eat German food and sometime listen to German music. I pull out of my German theme items and relive those German Days.

The one time in my life that a really enjoy living somewhere was Germany. There was just something about the people and area. So Many things to do and the food and Drinks where great. We lived near Stuttgart for about  4 years. We traveled all around Germany and the surrounded countries. Will have to admit my Heavy driving foot fit in well there. Since there were no speed limits on the autobahn. City driving was not bad either. Given the fact that I was use to city driving. We enjoyed the train and took a few to festivals and other events.

The black forest was one of the favorite places we visited frequently. The southern cuisine was so tasty. That is the food I enjoy cooking. The other day we went to a Place in Old Ellicott City that Serves Wild Boar Stew. ( The Ellicott Mills Brewing Company )They only have it in September October frame. Most due to the season they can get the Wild Boar Meat. Every year I try to go there for the treat. This year it was just as good. Wild Boar taste like a mild Beef. Even though it is not beef.

I have several German recipes on my Kitchen site  if you want to make something German.
While in Germany I took cooking classes and learn to make several German dishes. Over the years I have created some dishes using the German spices and techniques. Germany cooking is not hard to  achieve. Follow this link " Oktober Fest" to some great recipes.

When we returned to the States, Visiting the German influence town and city were a must. Never knew there were so many. Helen Georgia is a wonderful place. The village is built to resemble Bavaria Germany. That was the first place we visited Loved going there.

Went to as many German fest activities as we could. Enjoyed everyone of them.  Look around to see some in your area. In Baltimore area we have some that are all year round.  These are great places to visit.

In closing one thing I well have to say is, I have no German blood in me  however, I really have the German feeling. It has never left me in the twenty some years since I had a taste of Germany.

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  1. In this house, our German heritage has been greatly diluted. However, we still grow our cabbage, make our own sauerkraut. It is especially good with bratwurst.


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