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Friday, August 31, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome? What's that in this century....

We delivered our daughter to the university a week ago now. Everyone is asking if I am having a hard time without her here. Well, I am not. Why....Let's see.....In today's world we have Skype, e-mail, instant texting, facebook and Chat rooms. I have seen her, chatted with her, facebooked her and texted her. She has requested items from home, help us find them here. She has asked where things are in her dorm room and I have help her find them. We have talked about things going on here and there. So as you can see she really is not gone. Only her body is, the mind is still with us.

Twenty some years ago I went to EPCOT (a place in Disney world,Orlando Florida) with my parents. There was a futuristic ride in which it showed a family sitting around and having a birthday party.  There was a Large TV screen in which they were talking to the other family members in other places and the interactions where great. Well...we are there now! I remember thinking what a strange thing. Now I think What a great thing.

This kind of technology is wonderful for the Empty Nest Syndrome. With it we tend to not have that lost feeling. I love this technology, Who knew I would be alive to see it!


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