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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting House Ready

Have been decorating the house for a party next week. I started decorating a few weeks ago. First the Tree went up. Then some outdoor lighting. It took me a while to get to the Kitchen and Solarium. Still working on them. Getting House Ready is fun, I turn on the holiday music and start moving.

Planning a Holiday party for this Friday. So Planning the Appetizers and drinks is on going. there is a show called the Chew, Love the show. They had some good ideas on the food side. I might try out the stuffed Mini potatoes. Looking for a good kid friendly punch now. Of course the Mulled Gluhwine is a must for the adults. Maybe even Spiced apple cider.

I hope the weather will be nice. Want to have the outdoor fires going. I will have to post the Photos of the house throughout the week. Thinking about featuring one room per day. I have six rooms that are holiday decked out. That will work out fine for the upcoming week.

Today I wanted to show the Hallway. It can cost a lot to purchase Holiday photos. I have been adding to mine each year. This year I had gone out to look a came back empty. With the ecomony tight, there was just nothing in my price range. Driving back home I got an idea from remembering a Germany friend. Every year she would use her own house pictures and deck them out. So, with a cost of about 2.50 per picture this is the results.

A Hall lined with Presents.

Now if you viewed the first photo, You noticed one of the photos is not hanging straight.
Well, That is because there is a noise maker attached.
Folks will want to straight it and it will make a glass break noise.
The tag says nice/ naughty.
Now if they straighten it the tag will says...
I just had to do something funny for the party.

The hall entrance view...

So your question......
Are you planning a funny thing for the holiday?

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  1. nothing funny planned but we will probably watch 8 Crazy nights. That always makes me laugh.

  2. That is great with the presents! I would have a hard time waiting to see someone try and fix it. Your house looks very festive! :)

  3. Not me but my daughter is planning a Harry Potter Christmas celebration with floating candles and everything.

  4. Hi, I am your new follower via Friday Friend and Follow.


  5. I love your decorating!
    Nothing too special around here.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love the wrapped presents in the hallway. So clever! And no, nothing funny planned other than listening to my 5-year-old daughter as she opens her presents :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow. Nice decor!

    No. Not planning anything funny at all :)

  8. Very cute! No, I guess I'm not planning anything funny.

  9. I always wrap my hanging pictures to look like gifts! But I never thought about the noisemaker aspect...I'll have to tuck that away for future reference. ;)

    No plans for 'funny' this year, but we won't be home since we'll be visiting my sister in Iowa for the holidays. I'll have to come up with some pranks while we're there. ;)

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  10. I love the idea of wrapping the artwork to look like presents : )

  11. I think that is pretty cool! Nope, nothing out of the ordinary here. :-)


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