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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things Winding Down just to Speed Up!

Know how it is, when things go from one pattern to another? That is what it going on here. School is on it's last two weeks and then Summer break comes. I thought this photos looks like me when I was little and love the expression on her face. So lets Talk!

Let's talk end of school. Daughter is in Highschool. These last weeks are end of year exams and of course the kids are in the summer mode. Getting her to study is not going well. When she is faced with a test she forgot about, It is stress city. I think all their minds are on is, planning for the summer break. Planning parties, get togethers and trying to arrange how to stay in touch with each other.

Now on to Summer time. The weather has been summer like with temps in the high 80's,low 90's and into the 100's (with heat index added). I am looking forward to the pool time. Planning to work on it this weekend. We have been so busy with travels to Florida and Virginia Beach. Our Florida trip included a swim with the dolphins. You can see some photos of that trip on my daughters blog ( link below). Then we had the trip to V.B.. We surprised my Dad for his Birthday. Had a great time. Now Planning my trip next week back to Dad, By myself.

For the summer we are planning a few trip with in a 4 hour drive. This month we will be going to Erie PA for a family reunion and hubby's 40 year High School reunion. A trip to Longwood gardens, Amish area and The big Apple City( NYC). We will also go Ocean City to enjoy the local beaches. So I will have to balance everything with my daughters Plans.

So there you go Winding down the School days and Speeding up into Summertime.
What are your plans for the up coming three months?

Link to daughter's blog with Swim with the dolphins photos.

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  1. hopefully lyd will get that new camera so that she can blog about all your adventures...
    she has been rather quiet on her blog...
    hopefully that means yall are having a great time


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