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Monday, August 31, 2009

Reading in Two Languages

Liz over at a Simply Life awarded this blog, the following:

I love collecting stamps, So when I saw this one I thought what a great looking Award. Then I read "J'Adore tien Blog" it says" I love your blog" In French! My French from High School years is rough, but this was petty easy to read. Then the words under "Eu Adoro o teu Blog" is Portuguese for " I love your Blog". Two languages to say she loves my blog!Thank you Liz for the wonderful Stamp Award.
I will be passing it on to a few blogs that I really love visiting. I do have a few that I hate going even one day with out visiting.
Now all who visit me and read this will be able to say in two different languages, "I love your Blog"! Have a wonderful day.

I am passing this on to Jude. Lola and Lisa.

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  1. Thank-you Auntie E I certainly appreciate the honor.


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