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Thursday, August 27, 2009

If I Could Blog Back Time- First Apartments

This is a great Meme, I love recalling my history. My daughter loves reading it (hi Lydie). My Family and friends learn I little more about what makes me tick. However most of all it keeps my brain working. Lola over at Lola's Diner is the host. Today's topic is First Apartment.

My first real apartment was in 1973. Oh before that I lived at College in a dorm, had a room at a boarding house in Cincinnati. Lived in a Commune house, I already blogged about that. But my first Apartment was in Rochester. I had moved in with a girl friend from my Eastman Kodak employment days. It was a two bedroom apartment in a old house. We went out and got some second hand furniture and wah-lah instant home!
I think that is when I found out living with someone else was not a good choice for me. It seemed that I paid all the bills and cleaned all the time. Did not have a steady boyfriend so I guess one would think I had all the time to do the cleaning. Well No, Left my current boyfriend to find out if I was ready for marriage. Learned I was not, there was a lot of living yet to be done. So went out a lot and had gobs of fun!
I remember One thing purchased for the Apartment, a Kitchen table. Paid 75.00 for it in 1973. It was Round with a steel base and 4 wicker back chairs with Orange seat cushions, the top resembled dark oak wood. We have often referred to that table as "the one that would never die". I believed if there was a fire it would be the only thing that would not burn up. If a Tornado hit every thing would be gone but that table would be standing alone in its' place.
When I moved from that apartment the table went with me, heck it went to my parents while I was in the military and then back to me in Colorado and moved around the world with Hubby and me. Was in a flood, lost on a ship and dropped a lot, but still survived. No dents,burn marks or chips. Oh we replaced the chairs several times. Hubby tried to get me to part with it, but no I could not.
Well in 2005 I fell in love with a Granite top table and hubby said yes if I would part with the "Would never die" table. I agreed... but then, after ordering the granite table, I tried to talk him into letting me keep it as a puzzle/ game table. No he would not budge.
The table went to the Salvation Army to continue its' live with some one else. I am sure it is still alive out there. Maybe in your House!

Here is the" Would Never Die" Table.
My Friend Kathy and I were viewing Honeymoon pictures.
See the chairs? These are the Original ones.
I was living in Colorado at this time


  1. I have some things I too have been dragging around with me for over a decade. But I think you table has been through more... I was 2 when you got it. :)

    I liked your story! Thanks for coming by my blog too. And if you saw the mud that attacked my kids yesterday, you might just ban mud...

  2. Hello, great blog you have. I just found you accidentally...

    But great story and nice kid :)

    I followed you and see you around.

    Steinar Arason

  3. I have a few things that have survived time with me, but they are small trinkets. I also have every drivers license I've been issued. Funny how I still look the same as I did all those years ago LOL


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