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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Reunion

I have not been to a true family reunion in oh... it must be at least 30 years. Yes we have had deaths and been together for those but not a joyous reunion.
The reunion was at hubby's brothers place. Our Niece organized the whole thing. there was more food then we all could eat... heck we eat the food the three days. I saw kids I haven't seen in moons and they had kids...some teens, boy did I feel old. We just kept saying who's that and How old is she. then the denial "No, that can't be". There are seven siblings, who had seventeen children, and then they have children.So the family is pretty big to me (my size is pretty small).
We laughed so much that our stomachs ached, our eyes watered and we were just in too much pain.
I heard stories I have never heard before. The family ages dated back to the 1930's, so the stories were great. I need to write some of them down. We talked about the 1920's and what about the ones gone, Playing pinochle, playing ball, the neighbor hood kids, Nick names and how they came to be and looked at old photos.
It was a nice time and we want to do this every year. May be we can get some of the long lost and found Cousins to attend.


  1. Interesting reading.
    This family reunion will also tie lasting bonds for future generations.
    Roots are the greatest gift one can pass on to the younger generation.
    Stories of who we descend from, have our forefathers have overcome hardships (or why not), give a deeper understanding of life itself.
    It's so nice to see young kids and old gathered, there must be at least three generations.
    Thanks for sharing.
    From Felisol

  2. It sounds wonderful and hearing all of the stories is the best part of get-togethers!

  3. My friend went to a family reunion (her husband's family) last weekend. She said that was really fun and she was told about how her husband's great great great family rooted and scattered all over the country.



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