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Monday, August 17, 2009

Dad Called- I Learned Something.

I will be going to visit Dad this week. He called yesterday to find out my plans. I always enjoy my time with him. On the Phone he asked if I was still blogging. Oh yes I answered.Then we started talking about my blogs and what was on them.... Oh by the way Did any of you see
"Julie&Julia" the movie? I just have to laugh, her Mom calls her to find out if she is still blogging and it plays out in the course of the Movie..so funny.... Back to Dad...We started talking about People not being able to afford Health insurance..Lost of job or Job doesn't offer it. He said"I don't know if you know this but, when your Mom and I got married the first thing I did was get Health Insurance, and even though my jobs changed through the years I never missed a payment" Wow, We were by no means Wealthy or Middle class , we were Lower class( poor). Yet Dad thought it was important to carry health insurance. Even when his Ministry Job put him on theirs he continued to pay the private one. He Never let it go. Now one can say it cost too much nowadays, But Dad would say it Cost way too much thenadays. So one can see, we are talking Priorities. I love talking to Dad and learning how they managed with four kids and a foster kid every now a then. I never felt we were poor, heck I didn't even know we were. Our family always had and we even went on vacations! Dad said Mom would look for Lower cost and Free things (we didn't even have internet then or home/ Public computers). I do not think times have changed all that much when it comes to Lower cost or Free things. Now we have the computer to search out the offers. When Mom was alive she still looked for things to do, I will tell you we did a lot together that did not cost much and she knew all the Free things out there. Once computers came into the home 1993. Mom and dad learn how to use it, Then in the late 90's internet was in the home. Mom used the computer a lot to find things and she managed the money will enough to afford the necessary things with enough left to enjoy the Low cost activities. A lesson to learn from Mom is; have a budget. I want to teach the kids to manage money for their future life. Thanks Mom for the lesson you left here for us. I Love you and Miss you Greatly.P.S. I'm Taking Care of Dad


  1. How admirable of your dad to put health insurance as a top priority when money was tight. I live in MA, where it's already mandatory--and in a way I'm glad our family doesn't have to option to consider not carrying it, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

  2. Hi Auntie E,

    Your post made me very emotional at the end, I am in the same situation with my mom being gone.


  3. So glad you're going to visit your Dad. I always wait to see new movies when they come to the small screen, I'd really love to see that one though because I think Meryl Streep is one of the best actresses around.

  4. Just got off the phone with my Dad too, though we talk everyday. He and Mom always had health insurance too, his job, or her's, then medicare and aarp. He would agree, it's important. Like you we had very little growing up; but I was very aware of we had very little. I always wore hand me downs, Mom sewed to save money, I helped her clip coupons, save stamps...remember Green Stamps? We rarely took a vacation, only had one car and it was used. Mom was good stretching the dollars redoing furniture, making things instead of buying them for the house etc. Casseroles were always a good way to stretch the money for food. Nothing went to waste. I can't remember getting anything for free, though sales were an important part of shopping for necessary items. Mom and Dad didn't like the internet, it made them nervous and they just couldn't seem to learn how to use the computer. They had one a short period of time, then felt the money for it and the monthly fee etc were extra's so got rid of them.

    Teaching kids to balance their budgets is an important life lesson. Parents have so much now days they tend not to teach their kids that. Then they leave home, buy more then they can afford etc.

    I miss Mom too...sounds we're in the same boat there.

  5. That's so funny, my parents stressed the sammmmmmme thing! NEVER go without insurance!

    I enjoyed this post. Smart man.


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