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Friday, August 7, 2009

Aloha Friday#19 -Memes

I am learning there are a lot of Memes out in blogger land. Trying to find the right one for me to join is sometimes over whelming. Have tried a few in my blogger history. I really like Aloha Friday, because it is a day to just visit and answer questions I know something about or that interest me. I also love learning about People in my site. Always thinking of what to ask. In my visits I sometimes see other Memes on their pages, Yes I look at your page. So I thought I would ask;

Do you participate in more than one Meme? If you do have another one you like to use other than Aloha Friday, will you share it and leave your link so we can visit you on that day?
I do "Wordless Wednesday" on this site," Ruby Tuesday" on my Garden Site, and" If I Could Blog Back Time-Thursday" on this and sometimes Living healthy with Auntie E. sites. I have a list of Memes Here if you would like to view some.

If you would like to participate here's your link to An Island Life, Friday's a great day for surfing.


  1. hello there. thanks for visiting my blog.

    i have lots of friends here in bloggerville who does the meme(s). but due to my busy schedule, i can't do any of them. but i do hope that one day, i can at least one. it sure looks fun!

    maxi of www.ovahcoffee.com
    and www.hnhpages.com


  2. I only play two meme's, Aloha Friday and Wordful Wednesday. I can't be silent with my pictures so wordful is great.


  3. I do a bunch and have a great list of some here:


  4. I do Wordless Wednesday (without linking) and recently started doing Aloha Friday.


  5. I do Wordless Wednesday, Friend Makin' Monday, Tempt My Tummy Tuesday, Blog Hop and Aloha Friday.


  6. Aloha Friday is the only one I consistently participate in. I try to do Tackle it Tuesday, but don't always make it.

  7. I only do Aloha Friday once in a while.

  8. I do Menu Plan Monday, sometimes a Tackle it Tuesday and always a Thankful Thursday.

  9. Monday: Not Me! Mondays
    Wednesday: Wordless/Wordful Wednesday
    Friday: Aloha Fridays
    Sunday: Quoteable Sundays


  10. I used to do two others, Wordless Wednesday w/ a twist (WWWAT) & Monday Musings but both are now defunct. I love Aloha Friday though!

  11. I try to do a meme once a day during the week but I don't always make it.

    Monday -> Manic Monday Meme- 2-3 silly questions that you answer on your blog.

    Tuesday - Teaser Tuesday -> give 2 lines from the current book you are reading.

    Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday

    Thursday -> trying to get into Tell Me Thursday about Wordless Wednesday but this is when I fall off the wagon

    Friday -> Aloha Friday

    So there you have it. I am always looking for fun ones to add.

  12. I do the weekly Blog Hop and this is my very first Aloha Friday. I love it so far!

  13. Wordless Wednesday
    Thursday Thirteen
    Flash Back Friday
    Aloha Friday


  14. I am in 'My World' which I really like, 'Sky Watch' which is very popular, 'Pet Parade' because I love animals, and 'Summer Stock Sunday' which is unusual because its from Israel and when its summer there its winter here. Memes do keep you busy taking lots of photos, I am fortunate that I already have a large number of photos on my computer which I can draw upon. The main reason I stay in them is that I just love all the visitors and comment I get.
    Sorry I can't link back, but if you go to my blog by clicking on my name you will find the logos of 2 memes on one blog and the other 2 on my other blog.

  15. I do quite a few memes. I love Friday Fill Ins :)

  16. I usually participate in Aloha Friday, Wordless Wednesday and also Dear Kid Saturday. I hope to do that one at some point tomorrow.

  17. I participate in a few, Aloha Friday, Quotable Sunday and Six Word Saturday. They get me through Fri, Sat and Sun.

  18. haha, i did not even know what is a meme, and then realized i participate in one, which we call "cactus monday". then, i just made a themed post for fridays for my site, i call it food and fun friday :)

  19. i'm pretty regular with aloha friday. i occasionally participate in ten for tuesday, wordless wednesday, blog back time thursday, and friday fragments. i also do simple woman's daybook (any day) when the mood strikes.

  20. The only one I participate in regularly is Wordless Wednesday.

  21. I participate in Wordless Wednesday, Say It Forward on Fridays, and I host a few memes as well
    Potty Time Tuesday
    and The Prayer Chain Across the Blogosphere on Sundays.


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