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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Special Day - Birthday Greetings Galore

Well, I do not feel older....Stopped counting years ago. However this year I am without my daughter and that is harder. Hubby and I went out last evening. Olive Garden and we did the dinner special, eat there and take one home. Because I really did not want to go out on Friday.
So, we will stay in and watch Grim.  Eat our dinner, I do not have to cook.
I received my coffee syrup order this morning, that was great cause I ordered it yesterday and only paid for a 7 to 8 day delivery. Therefore I  was surprised to see it arrive today....had my Pumpkin Pie Latte today.. the best. The recipe is posted on my Kitchen site today.
Yesterday I got my hair done, now I feel younger.  What a difference the hairdresser can make. What....50 what... no it can't be.. you don't look a day over 40!!!! Thank you to all!

Today I received flowers from my daughter.... some Pumpkin bread mix and a William Simona gift card. Now if you all visit my Kitchen site one would know how I love that place. Just look at the gadgets I get there.

Received a Birthday card from my Dad and Daughter. They both know how to get to me. The cards were right on the Mark!! Miss you two so much.

Okay I need to go out to get my Coconut cake...That is my favorite Cake. It will be a special delight for me today. Love this time of year, Great weather and the smells of Fall make me feel special.

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