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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never too Late....

It is never too late to learn something new. With all this hype on staying young and keeping our minds sharp, it is always good to stretch our comfort zone. I am doing that. Love to learn new things so, started  learning Chinese. I am taking a Rosetta Stone Course.

Have to say it is not that easy. However, the learning is going well. I can speak a couple languages already but this Chinese is challenging. The Rosetta Stone teaching is very different. One thing that is hard for me is the way it is taught.  There is no English used. That means I just have to figure out what I am saying by sight. This is done by association and photos. Kind of like a small child learns.

Find at my age this is a hard way. Mostly because my brain is not a clean slate. With all the knowledge I have in there, the association method is confusing. Trying to figure out with I am saying is frustrating. Do not get me wrong I am doing well on it. With testing scores of 90 and above. However this feeling of unsureness of the structure of the sentence is bothersome.

Even though I feel lost in the learning, the continuation will remain. Determination is a good thing. The only way to think is determination. Otherwise one whould just give up.  That is not in the equation for me.

Have you ever wanted to learn something out of you comfort zone?

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