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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday News.. A Quiet one.

Well we really did not do much over the weekend. Daughter was not happy, she is one teen that love to be going out or busy.

Hubby did work on the side of the house. He is upgrading the walk. Taking it easy and doing a little at a time.

Daughter went out driving a little, she is getting ready to take that drivers test. Friday she was out with the driving instructor, learning how to parallel park. Doing pretty good. Friday She drove to her friends house with me in my car. She did well. Saturday she drove a lot with her Dad and praticed the parking. Sunday she went out with her Dad on the highway. Also working on her photo techniques. Was working on night shots and day airplane one. I am sure she will be posting them on her blog( link on bottom of this page).

As for me I went swimming, Cooked breakfast, made lunch and dinner all weekend. I am reading my Kindle also. Love the Times magazine. Been reading about Murdoch and his dilemmas with the Britain government. My Dad use to work fior the Fox network, so I find his climb to the higher levels in Media interesting. One thing I like about the Kindle is the delivering of the magazines early. the one I was reading is dated for the 26 of July. They are delivered to the Kindle on the Sunday before. I have a few books I am reading on my Kindle.Will be doing some reviews on them soon.

Sunday I watched some Mystery Movies. I really like mysteries. Hallmark channel seems to have Music problems. One thing I do not like is that the music is too loud for the movie. We try to adjust the sound however nothing we did seem to help. It is only on that Channel.

Well that was my weekend. I will be posting photos on Wednesday this week. Be sure to stop by to see the progress of the walk. Also I posted the recipe for a breakfast dish I made over the weekend. it is on the Kitchen site. Hint do you love blueberries?

So how was your weekend?

Be sure to visit Writer Cramps to see more Monday's Miss Marple. You never know when you need that Alibi!

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  1. That's something learning to drive a car !! Unfortunately to pass the exams has become very very expensive ! It's a shame, I mean everybody should be able to drive a car !
    Kindle is not yet very popular here in Belgium. Most of the people don't even know what it is. There are only few things translated into French. It's mostly English and not everybody knows it. I think it's different in the UK.
    Mr. G. was comforted that he is not the only one falling out of his bed, lol !


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