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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Questions- Your holiday fun?

We are at Norfolk Virginia now. My daughter and I drove down on Wednesday. Yesterday we went to the Botanical Gardens. Dad and I haven't been there for over 20 years. Last time we went it was called Azalea Gardens. It was really enjoyable. I posted some photos on my Auntie E On the Go Blog.
They have Eagles nesting there. So we we able to see the nest and chicks. We even got a eye view of the adult eagle. What a sight!

Our Easter Celebration will be spent with Dad. We will go to Church and then out to our favorite Easter Brunch. Walk along the beach and just enjoy our freedom from bondage and the wonderful earth our Lord has created. Easter is a time to remember the true sacrifice and release from the sin that kept us from Gods Presences. A time to hold close our families and friends, to share the good news of a Everlasting Life and a hope of a New Earth and Heaven to come upon Lord Jesus' Second Coming.

Until that time I will enjoy this Earth and its wonders. Happy Easter Y'all.

My question to you....

What will you be doing this Easter Sunday?

Part of Aloha Friday Meme.
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  1. We'll be watching Princess Nagger hunt for Easter eggs, then I'll be making a huge ham dinner with all the trimmings. Pretty much relaxing - and probably playing the new video game the Easter Bunny will be bringing for PN in her basket. ;)

    Sounds like you have wonderful Easter plans - have a great weekend and Happy Easter! :)

    Be Kind 2 Earth Day - Aloha

  2. We'll have an Easter basket for the little one, followed by an egg hunt and family dinner!

  3. Not a whole lot I hope :)

    Have a great Friday!

  4. We will be going to my inlaws on Sunday (thank goodness). I have had a stomach virus all week and am not up to doing anything right now.

    Have fun!

  5. we will be with the hubby at home...
    resting... it seems like we have been going going going lately

  6. Nothing as yet.

    Just an egg hunt tomorrow for the kids

  7. Mass, lunch and dinner w/ family.


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