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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Questions- What's your Cup of Tea?

Blogging is sometimes frustrating. I have been thinking about how to improve my sites. Trying to figure out what folks like to see on blogs can be tough. With so many different followers, one has to guess what will be of interest to folks. So, for today's questions I will ask.....

  1. Do you like Photos or Articles?
  2. Does Food blogs interest you?
  3. Is seasonal information your cup of tea?
  4. How about Current News interest, Is that on your eye catching list?
  5. Or are you one that likes to see into the family life of the blogger?

Now for me I like Current New interest, food blogs, and if I find a blogger I relate to, I love reading the going ons with them. Photos bring life to a post and I do like reading articles.

Part of Aloha Friday Meme.
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  1. I like a little bit of everything on blogs. For me, I don't blog for other people. I blog for me and if someone likes it or it helps someone else then great. But I cannot stress on my blog about pleasing other bloggers.

    So just be you and enjoy what you do.

  2. I love real life photo's on a blog and at times I'm interested in the family like of the blog. I blog about stuff I like... I will gather followers that tend to have the same interests

  3. I like a little bit of everything - pictures compliment the article (or is it vice versa?). I like reading blogs that I can relate to - you know, so you realize you're not so alone in this parenting journey. :)

    Aloha: When the Lights Go Out


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