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Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's News-Nice easy weekend

Happy Columbus Day America!
Yes today is the day we celebrate an Historical event for our land. If it wasn't for this man we would not be America. Oh I'm sure the land would have been discovered at some point. However this is the History we were handed.

Christopher Columbus
landing on America soil in 1492 .

We are grateful for his findings, otherwise we would not be here today. I remember when all the schools and business where close for this day. Nowadays the kids still attend school, in our area and all the stores have Columbus days sales. Only the government is off. Well at least I have a day with hubby all to myself.

As far as my weekend; Saturday I cut out critters Batman Costume in My New vintage Sewing room. Went to Franks Market to purchase some Mums for the Garden plot in the front. Hubby got some Cortland apples, his favorite ones.Worked on a 101010 post for Sunday. Collected my Favorite photos of the year so far as well as one from years gone by.

Now for Sunday a most perfect day. Listen to sermon, made me think about some things in my life. Posted the 101010 post, with ten perfect memory photos..(the link to them are below this post).

Then we went to Annapolis for a Cooking class on Root Vegetables. I am not one for Beets. Mom would pickle them and try to get me to eat some. At the Cooking class they were Roasted in the oven. Some were put on my plate of roasted root vegetables and I of course I ate everything but the beets. Then I thought I should at least try them...heard my Moms voice...so I did. Was surprised I really liked them! So, the recipe will be posted on my kitchen site tomorrow. It will be added to my Thanksgiving menu also.
After the class we walked around the Mall. What a great place, our first time there. The whole family loved it. Not too long of a drive, only about 30minutes. I can remember driving an hour to go to a mall, when we lived in the country. I have another class coming up and hubby said he wants to go along. I think only to shop while I'm in class,hehe.

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2.My 101010 post =ten-perfect memories

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  1. If Columbus hadn't discovered America, maybe you would live next door today, lol !

  2. My daughter told me Happy Columbus Day. I asked her why did she have to go to school if it's a national holiday. I don't think I ever had school on Columbus Day ???

    Sounds like you had a very peaceful weekend. I love days like that!

  3. Hope you had a happy Columbus day. A Batman Costume sounds a bit tricky to sew, years ago I made a spaceman outfit for my son and it won a prize so good luck with Batman. Would love to see pics of the 'new vintage sewing room'


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