101 Auntie E Street, Bloggersville, USA

101 Auntie E Street, Bloggersville, USA
Welcome, Back door is open, come in a sit Aspell..Let's talk...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome to Bloggersville-The Capital of Bloggersworld.

I always wanted to live in a capital city... Therefore I will create my own! You can move here also, just leave your new Address in the link address book below. I will be sure to add you to my neighborhood friends book. Then I can drop in a have a cup of joe with you.
So here we are It's Saturday.. Should this be funnies day or maybe I will just comment on my comment's. Been visiting and reading plenty of blogs in bloggersville. One thing that is mentioned a lot are comments or the lack of them. I love comments they make me think and laugh and yes I Live only in Bloggersville at the present time....... so friends can only speak in comment and visit my home through Comments. Have to add your Two cents..only place is in the Comments.
Did you know that my whole house is being moved to bloggersville? True as it may be... visit my Kitchen,there you can talk have coffee, Gather around the table and sit Aspell to chat, and share recipes. It is a replica of my kitchen, border and icons are all from within my kitchen. LIVING HEALTHY has all the rooms and project going on to make this house a Green home. No need to stay in the house, let's go out to the yard. My Yard and Garden takes you out to the back yard. One can enjoy the sights and sounds. You know it getting to be summertime here, so look out we will be off and running....yes you can go with us. My Blog on the Go is the place to be if you want to come along. Now this At Home blog is all about Family and Good times, the core of the my Home.
As you can see Our Home has a new address 101 Auntie E street, Bloggerville, USA. Welcome and all comments or Two cents are welcomed as well. However remember keep it clean and no Spam, we really do not speak that language here.


  1. I have lived in a state capital city in the US and national capitals in Central and South America. I prefer my country home on the dirt road. You have come up with the perfect solution--declare your own capital. Way to go!

  2. Huh. I've lived pretty close to the state capital, but never really thought about living closer. Probably because I've never lived in a real 'city' area. Burbs for me!

  3. I like how you've set up your state and this is indeed a grand capital. I'll have to visit your other places sometime too!


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