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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tell Me Thursday-And The Winner Is......

Wednesday post was photos from this years "Festival of Trees" in Baltimore. There were hundreds of trees to view. All the trees were Designed by groups , each one with a theme. Some depicted Places, some fantasy and some items. We really enjoyed the trees.
So, here is the winner(s) of the vote on this blog. It was a tie! Charlie Brown and Cactus Tree. Let it snow took second place by one vote. Here are some close up views of the winners.
Oh and Yes Mary the Teacher would love the Lighthouse ones, I thought of her when I took them. So I will post them on my Garden site Just for her and my lighthouse friends.

My "Charlie Brown" trees' real name is:

"Snoopy and Friends Christmas"

sponsored and designed by
CoreSource, Inc

the ornaments

The bottom view.


The Cactus Tree

The Top

this is the must interesting tree at the Festival. Shaped like a cactus and decorated with Hot spices. Whomever bought this one will have a...
Hot New Years Eve party

The bottom of the tree.
The tree was in a planter filled with brush looking material

I hope you enjoyed the trees I have brought to you these two days. Next weeks WW will be the Gingerbread houses.


  1. Auntie E, What a lovely custom Baltimore has! And I can't wait to see the lighthouse tree when you post it. Thanks for the shout out on your blog! You are a dear blogger friend! :)

  2. Oh, the love birds are perched in City Island in the Bronx, NY. And thanks for your compliment re my winter header... :)

  3. I love the Snoopy gang. What a great assortment of goodies for the tree.

  4. Duh, Auntie E, I scrolled down and saw the lighthouse trees! I LOVE them!


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