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Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday's News-Weekend Update.

Well the snow came on Saturday. What a beautiful snow fall during the light hours. I baked cookies and enjoyed the day. I think the first snow is so exciting for everyone. Because it was on a weekend, no school was missed. My daughter took a walk in it and then decided to make snow angels. Now there was not enough for that, however it is a memory she like to repeat. So her clothes were soaked when she came in. Then the hot cocoa to warm up by the fireplace. Oh yes it was a nice day.
Here's a video of the falling snow as seen it from my computer station.


  1. Oh yes there were a lot of snow Angels around.Glad your daughter had a good time.

  2. Beautiful. I love snow. We had some Saturday also but not enough for snow angels either.

    Giant Crickets Invade Norway

  3. Wow ! already snow ! I don't like snow and fortunately it doesn't snow very often here in Belgium, except last year, there we had a lot of snow.

  4. Snow angels are fun whatever age you are.
    Thanks for popping over to Normandy today.


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