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Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation Lodging.

Our first stop was Colorado. We stayed with friends, Deb and Troy. They posed and wanted me to tell you, their little fixer upper was great.
As you can see we had plenty of space and the outdoorsy feeling was truly great.

So now that the laughs have stopped (they are truly Jokesters) Here is the real Log home. We really enjoyed ourselves with them. They have a lovely home. Plus a wonderful sound system. Listening to music every night. Hubby and Troy picked up where they left off some 30 years ago. I thought they grew up,Hehehe.

Next stop LasVegas. We stayed at the Venetian. I really loved this place it reminded me of Venice Itlay.

Our trip took us to Legency Bed and Breakfast. The owners were friends of my Moms'. We decided to stay with them on our Grand Canyon part of the trip.

We stayed in the Route 66 Room and my Dad stayed in the Virginian Room
Breakfast was good and different each day. We had dinner twice with them. the food and lodging was great.

Once we dropped Dad off to the Vegas airport, the family continued to Camp Pendleton, California. We stayed at the New South Mesa lodge.

The view and room was great. We could see the Ocean and had plenty of space in the room. Breakfast was not so good. A lot of pastries with no taste and the coffee was terrible. So we did not eat there much.

Drove back to Vegas and Stayed at the Excalibur.

as you can see it is a Castle looking hotel.The outside is impressive with it's Castle and Moat Glandular appearance.

Once we arrived the knights were not friendly. We sat in our car waiting for asistance in parking and luggage. They assisted the cars behind us. Got out of the car an stood there for 5 minutes. Finally decided to get our own luggage carrier, we loaded all our luggage on it and started to push it when a valet came over and told us we could not do that. Then finally they took our car and luggage. On our way to the room there was a stripper/pole dancer in plain view, we ask if there was another way to the room and to the pools and was told no you have to go through the casino/ club area. As to the rooms, all I can say is if you want to stay in a turn of the century castle with a 50's feel and in a 50's-60's room this is your place! There was only a shower and the water did not drain at all. When you picked up the phone, one of the option was "if you want a room change press 3". The TV was ready to fall over and was an old large tube one with hole in the case. Picture very grainy. Smoke filled hallways and lobbies. This was the worst place we stayed at!! We did not stay very long in that place, one night only to sleep with eyes wide open!
early morning we were out, did not stop for anyone, run out, got car and drove away! Never looked back!

Next stop Bloomington Minnesota. We stayed at the Cambria Suites. A lovely place, much better then the last one. The suite had it own tv room with a couch and chair. I really liked that. Down time watching a Flatscreen large TV. The sleeping area was spacious and had a flat screen TV also. Every thing was modern even the bathroom was great.

In all having only one bad place was not a disaster. We only had to stay there one night.
All the other lodging were great!


  1. Looks like you had a great time!!!

    Love the photos~

  2. man - I felt like I was there in those pics!!! awesome :)

  3. That sounds like an incredible trip!

  4. Wow - Sounds like a fabulous trip! Glad you all had so much fun! Colorado is great, isn't it?? We grew up in Nebraska and spent all our summer vacations in CO! My sister lives there and lots of my hubby's cousins etc.!

  5. that all looks gorgeous. bet you have some lovely memories


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