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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Want 2 time travel?

Ever wanted to go back in time? To another century? I watched a show on that. I wonder if one could really change history. Just thinking of doing that scares me.
You see if one was to go back with all the knowledge we have today, I would fear the world would not be as it is today. No America, all third world nations. Would we really wants things different.
Think of all the technology we have today. Then remember how it was in the 60s.
Life was hard then. People worked hard at their jobs. Struggling to have the best for their kids. There were protesters against the war. In the 70s, life was beginning to get better. in the 80s, Americas market was flourishing. The dollar was strong and people were living a little easier. In the 90s it seemed like the World was enjoying the boom. People were buying homes, investing in wall street and the world wide market. It really did not matter who you were you could have a piece of the World.
Technology Boomed in the New Century. A computer was affordable and every household could have one. They got smaller in size and still getting smaller. Then the Schools caught on. A computer lab in school, teach children to use them. Now we can surf the WEB to find all the history we want.
My Child needed to write a paper for health class. The subject; some one famous who dealt with a mental issue. Get on the internet, search engine, get name and Google the name. All the articles on that person was out there in cyberspace for the taken. The article done in a days time. Picture and notes. No Library , days of research or wasted time on the phone. How easy is that!
Now do you really want to go back and risk the chance of changing time? I would not. Even if I could only change one thing it would affect so much more.

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  1. I wouldn't go back and change a single thing about my life because it's pretty near perfect :).
    Changing any one thing would mean the change to a million other things as we are all joined as one.
    God made us perfect, it's us that makes our life anything but perfect.


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